Tree removal services are crucial for your compound, lawn or yard. There are times when you do not have an option but to have the trees removed. The process could also be as a matter of preference and not any substantial reason. All in all, tree removal services should be provided by specialists because they can be extremely dangerous; causing damage and injury. A professional is skilled and experienced and so will minimize the probability of this happening.

Reasons for Tree Removal

Some trees do not grow straight but bend to a particular side. When this curve is more towards your house, then there is a big problem. You have to keep thinking about winds and storms. If the weather is not in your favor, the tree could easily topple over or break onto your home and other property. The damage can be costly and a big inconvenience. It could also place the people who live in the house in harm’s way. The solution is to remove the tree.

If your tree is a home to pests and diseases, you might also need to cut it. This is the only way to combat disease or pest infestations if they have reached unbearable and unsalvageable levels. Furthermore, you need to protect the other plants in the compound since they need a suitable environment for growth. Apart from protection for disease, you also get to remove any obstruction that might be caused by the tree.

Alternatives to Tree Removal

In as much as there are great reasons for tree removal, there are alternatives to the process. These alternatives are not foolproof and for uniform use in every situation. Instead, a certified arborist should be the one to give the directive on how these alternatives can be applied if you really want to salvage the tree.

In the case of weak structures, you can opt for fencing and cabling around the tree. This will support the tree as it keeps growing and also protect your property from damage that would result from the tree falling. You could also choose to get trimming services if the branches are too large and close to the house. This solves the problem by offering adequate lighting in the home without removing the whole tree. Additionally, you can move the tree if it is young enough. If the tree’s roots are not too extensive and deep in the ground, you can move the tree to a different position in case it poses a danger to the home or to other plants and property as well.

Getting a Certified Arborist

A tree removal professional is not just someone who has the necessary tools and cuts trees. You would first need the services of a certified arborist. These professionals give you a comprehensive report about your trees, their health, whether or not to cut them and any alternatives that are available to you.

For tree removal, having a certified arborist will ensure that the tree is treated the right way. If it does not need to be removed, trimming, moving or cabling could work just as well.