Tree care and maintenance calls for tree trimming and pruning once in a while. There are many benefits to be enjoyed through these processes and your trees will thank you for it. Tree trimming should not be done by just anybody. Instead one should get a professional to handle this so you can enjoy the benefits of trimming your trees in the first place.

Reasons for Tree Trimming

There are various reasons why your trees would require a good trim. The first is for productivity. If you have fruit-bearing trees, trimming them will help to increase the amount of fruit produced. This gives you more fruit for your family to enjoy or more to sell if you grow the fruit trees commercially. You should also trim trees for healthy and uniform growth. Trees need to be nurtured in order for them to grow. Part of the nurturing process involves trimming the branches. This gently coaxes the tree to grow in a certain direction or even to grow at all. The latter is beneficial for those trees that have stunted growth and have reached a growth plateau for one reason or another.

Additionally, trimming your trees will open up your compound to more light. This is beneficial if the tree is large and casts shade over the house making some of the rooms in your home dark and extra cold.

Consequences of Wrong Trimming

While people think that trimming is only about cutting branches and random parts of the tree except the trunk, you should know that this is not the case. Trimming a tree wrongly can have adverse effects on the plant. Firstly, there are trees that change with changes in seasons. Some are deciduous while others are evergreen. Each of these trees needs to be trimmed during a specific season. Otherwise, they could bleed a lot of sap and compromise the integrity of the tree’s structure. Wrong trimming can also lead to stunted growth and unsightly stubbles on the tree.

Getting a Professional

You will need to get a professional to trim your trees if you actually want the trees to reap the benefits of the process. Apart from the fact that tree trimming is dangerous, you also need to think about the intended effect. For example, if you want approval for a lot to be used for construction, you should not just chop a few branches and think that this will be enough. In fact, get a certified arborist who knows about the health of trees and let them oversee the trimming so you can have healthy plants.


Tree trimming and pruning is important for plants. The process is part of routine tree care and maintenance and should therefore be outsourced from tree care specialists. Certified arborists will assess the health of your trees, give the best course of action and even oversee the trimming of the trees. This process ensures that your trees get the best care and that you do not end up damaging your trees in the process.