Beyond providing you with excellent feng shui, your tree serves a more sacred duty in the eco system. Beyond being used as a mere art piece at your favorite gallery, trees provide fruits to millions of individuals across the globe. They also serve as a source of energy for millions of people and they serve as a means of revenue making for another set of people.

But above all these uses, trees are simply living beings with needs and wants. Like every other person, they need to be groomed and taken after in order to get the best from them. And whilst there are general tips like water your tree regularly and provide optimum amount of fertilizers, one of the more underrated but important way to improve your tree’s wellbeing Is mulching.

Defined by Wikipedia, mulching is the act of applying a layer of material known as a mulch to the surface of the soil. Reasons for this range from the need to conserve soil moisture to hinder weed growth to increasing the aesthetic of the farm land. Contrary to popular belief’s, mulches do not have to be organic or decomposable in nature. Recently, some farmers like to opt for a more permanent mulch in form of plastic roofing as examples of organic mulches include yam barks.

Mulches (especially inorganic types) help growing trees avoid weeds but may hinder it’s water and oxygen intake. Organic mulches, when not applied properly could stunt the growth of the tree and create problems.

Before mulching, pay close attention to the type of material (organic or inorganic) being used as each one poses significant pros and cons.

When a tree is overgrown or stunted, it is imperative to have it removed before it poses a considerable threat to the environment and your wellbeing.

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