According to a BBC news report, the latest estimate for number of trees in the world was 3 trillion large trees surpassing the previous estimate of 400 billion by quite a distance. Trees have been around human beings for the longest time possible with the first ever tree being estimated to have existed over 300 million years ago in the carboniferous period. And over the years, human beings have explored the many uses of trees and it’s off products.

From fruits which serve as nourishment to wood which is used as a commodity or as a source of energy, trees also hold sacred meanings in some traditions as some cultures regard the beginning of life as originating from a tree.

And regardless of what you believe in, one thing everyone easily agrees with is the strategic position trees play in the eco system. Unlike humans, trees ingest carbon dioxide and produce oxygen cleaning up the air and making the environment fit for breathing.

Trees could live for over 50 – 3500 years depending on the specie and environmental conditions and it takes a lot of care to ensure your tree grows up properly. This is not always the case as issues like accidents, infection or even sicknesses can stunt a tree’s growth.

When this happens, one of the best ways to correct a trees defect is to prune it. When a defect does not affect a central region of a tree like it’s trunk, cutting off the defective part is a great way to get rid of the defect as well as ensure correct posturing/growth.

Tree removal on the other hand occurs when the defect/infection has spread to a completely unavoidable section like the tree’s trunk. Cutting the tree whilst leaving the stump in the ground offers you the another shot at getting your tree’s posture right.

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