We all love trees. We love the shade it provides as well as the fruits that fall down during harvest season, we also love when it’s dead leaves fall down and forms a pile so we could toss around in them. And most importantly, we love trees because they produce oxygen and we love oxygen because … well you know why we love oxygen. These and many more are part of the reasons why even after over 300 million years, trees are still a very important feature in our life today.

Trees also have an unusually long-life span. The weaker trees live for about 50 years whilst some live for about 75 to 100 years old. A particular specie, the Alaska red cedar lives up to 3,500 years!

But not all trees live out their years. As living things, trees fall ill and sometimes they even die. Here are 6 reasons why your tree could die:

  1. AccidentsFrom automobile accidents to natural occurrences like storms and hurricanes, trees are not averse to accidents and as such they are susceptible to man-made and natural disasters.
  2. Excessive application of herbicideHerbicides are normally used to aid tree growth and deal with pesky weeds. Used improperly, they end up being harmful to the trees as they mess up it’s roots and end up stunting it’s growth.
  3. Terrible planting techniquesDifferent trees have different strengths and weaknesses. For some, they require a certain amount of water whilst others enjoy the least amount of water but excessive sunlight. When the wrong planting and grooming technique is used on a tree, growth is stunted instead of aided.
  4. Use of paint and cement on treesGenerally speaking, both paint and cement are two extremities that should not be brought around any living thing with trees being no exception. Painting over wounds on trees exposes it to harmful toxins whilst cements constrict movements. When these are done excessively, tree death is guaranteed.

Regardless of the cause of death, dead trees constitute a nuisance to the environment as well as harm to your well-being and that of your loved ones.

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