Ball moss is a tiny flowering shrub that grows and spreads on a large, fully developed plant, such as live oaks and numerous other species of trees common in Metro Austin and elsewhere of Texas. It isn’t a true fungus, instead an epiphytic plant, which receives nutrients and water from the surrounding environment, precipitation and even tiny particles deposited on it by wind. It looks like the leaves of a white butterfly and is rarely noticed by the untrained eye. However, its presence can be hazardous. It can grow on the exterior of any structure in Austin, as well as in numerous other places throughout Texas and the country.

When tree removal and related services are necessary, there are several things to consider. The most important consideration for many people is the safety of people working or visiting on the property. Misting the leaves of the tree and removing any needles can prevent the growth of the fungus and its spores. If left alone, it can eventually spread to oaks, cedars, or any other tree on your property.

For this reason, many companies offer a variety of tree care services that include ball moss removal. There are several types of tree care businesses that provide this service. Many Austin tree care companies also offer organic mulching services, tree pruning, diseased tree treatment, tree removal, and tree care certification. They can also help with other tree related issues such as tree disease prevention and landscaping tips.

A company specializing in ball moss removal will typically use a combination of herbicides, insecticides, and other chemicals to completely rid a structure of the parasite. This includes heavy duty equipment and protective clothing. In heavily infested trees, the procedure will likely be conducted on an annual basis. Tree removal is one of the more labor intensive aspects of this procedure.

Many people do not want to see the unsightly remains of ball moss growing on their property. For these people, the only choice is to have them removed. These unwanted remains can also harm property around the treated area. If you live in an area where there are a high number of infested trees, it is often beneficial to hire professionals that specialize in this method of tree removal.

Many people opt to have the invasive fungus treated naturally. However, if you choose to attempt to remove ball moss yourself, there are several steps you must take to ensure that you completely eradicate the plant and any live moss that may be growing on or in your property. These steps include:

While some trees are more resistant than others, most are susceptible to being affected. If you live in an area that has a high amount of trees with a wide distribution, you should consider using a product that will not only treat for ball moss removal, but will also kill the tree and any living organisms that might be growing on or in your tree. Chemical treatment can be done by applying the product to the leaves, branches, bark, and twigs of the infected tree. The roots will need to be dug up in order for this treatment to work properly.

It is often best to hire a professional tree removal service to remove dead, dying, or unwanted plants. These services will utilize proper equipment and chemicals in order to make sure that they are killing all insects, pests, and fungi on the trees and in the surrounding area. When dealing with trees that have been affected by ball moss removal, it is important to make sure that the affected areas are covered so that future infestations are not able to reoccur. If the treatment is not applied properly, you could cause greater damage to the tree than is already present.