Stump grinding is a common, everyday task for tree removal companies across the country. It is a necessary service due to the size and weight of trees that must be removed in order to clear an area. In some cases, a stump could be so massive that it will not be able to be dug up with even the most powerful equipment. This is why this service is so important.

Stump grinding can take place on the ground or in the yard. In either case, the process is usually the same. A large truck or tractor is used to locate the stump, break it up into smaller chunks and then grind away. Often, stump grinding is done by high speed digging devices with diamond-tipped teeth that grind the stump into small chunks. After the chunks have been removed, a high pressure water jet is used to wash away any remaining dirt.

Stump grinding should never be attempted by homeowners without proper safety gear. When performing this service in the yard, homeowners should wear protective gear such as work gloves, long pants, sturdy shoes, safety glasses, a dust mask and earplugs. Safety gear is especially important when performing this service on a large stump. Often, homeowners choose to grind the tree up using a hand auger or a power auger, but using a shovel can result in serious injury if the user isn’t wearing the proper safety gear.

Because there are many factors involved in stump grinding, it is difficult to give a number of different types of grind sizes. The general rule of thumb is that a smaller stump grind size should be performed on small areas. Areas larger than four feet in diameter should be grinded using a larger machine. However, keep in mind that a small stump can weigh several tons and should not be ground using just a pail. Rather, the entire tree should be removed and ground.

Before performing any type of stump grinding, you should completely drain all water from the surrounding area. This will help prevent moisture from collecting in the machine while it grinds away at the roots. After removing the water, the grounds will need to be dug up to remove the root system. Homeowners should be sure to wear hard hats, rubber gloves and thick glasses to keep the roots from penetrating the skin and damaging the eyes and hands.

Once the roots have been removed, a trowel will be required to carefully grind away at the stump. While trowels are not necessary during stump grinding, some homeowners prefer to use a rotating sander for a more controlled soil removal process. Although trowels are not required for most lawn maintenance jobs, they can become extremely helpful if the lawn is infested with harmful chemicals. Many homeowners prefer to leave the removal of chemical-laden grass alone and grind the stump later. However, homeowners should be sure to remove all traces of chemicals from lawns in order to ensure maximum organic buildup and healthy plant growth.

One of the biggest benefits of DIY stump grinding is the lack of dangerous chemicals. Although the process can be done with the use of powerful machinery, the homeowner does not need to worry about harmful chemicals leaking into the soil. In addition, homeowners can choose the type of rotary trowel they would like to use. Traditional blades or electric and manual types can all be used to grind away at a sod and keep the surrounding ground healthy and beautiful. Furthermore, there are numerous types of grinding stones available, including those that feature blades that spin horizontally and those that flip vertically.

Homeowners who choose to perform their own backyard tree removal may also benefit from a do-it-yourself project. A sod removal is not only less expensive than hiring professional landscapers, it is also less time-consuming. DIY yard work is also recommended when dealing with a large tree removal. Although a stump can prove to be a daunting and difficult task, with the right tools it can prove to be an easy process that only requires the homeowner to have basic equipment. In addition, a DIY project may prove to be less expensive than a commercial company, depending on how extensive and complicated the tree removal project will be.