A reputable tree care service is going to take their employees to extreme measures to ensure the health of their trees. This begins with security. It is essential to guard yourself and your entire property by hiring a tree care provider for dangerous work. It is just as important to guard your “tree asset” from theft by asking the following top ten questions.

Has the tree care service ever had to deal with branches falling on a customer’s home or business? How about having someone get hurt because of the falling branch? Have the employees been trained for tree care services, and are they properly bonded and insured? Has the tree care service ever had to make an estimate for a tree that was damaged or injured? How much money has the insured cost changed since the tree was damaged or injured?

The biggest risk with working with trees is when a tree is damaged and needs to be removed, but the owner is not able to take care of it due to financial reasons. For this type of situation, the tree care service should contact a local contractor who specializes in removing large trees. They have experience and know how to remove the tree safely without causing any additional damage to the surrounding property.

Are there any structural defects in the trees? Weak branches, broken limbs, decay are all signs of structural defects. If a tree service has determined that some or all of these issues are present, it is important to know what options are available for repair. Is there a way to strengthen the branches without making a hole in the roof or the side of the house? Are there alternate solutions, such as placing boards on the weak branches to support them? Can the tree be trimmed without making any structural changes?

Trees can become weak over time from environmental conditions. They may require periodic pruning to decrease the risk of being damaged or killed. In some cases, they may require the assistance of an arborist. The arborist has years of training and experience for fixing larger trees, and may be the best person for this job. However, there may be times when an urban tree care service is not skilled in this area. In this case, they can provide referrals to a local arborist or they can search for one themselves.

Are there other tree experts in my area that may provide a better solution than a tree removal company? A good tree care service is not limited to just tree removal services. Some specialize in repairing damage, trimming, and cleaning. If you need a service that includes soil remediation or asbestos testing, then this is something you should look for in a tree removal company as well as an arborist. If all you want is the best for your trees, then you know you need a professional tree expert in your area.

What benefits can I expect from a tree care service? A good tree care company will first assess the situation. They will figure out what services you need, and what costs are involved. Once this is determined, they will discuss the options with you and help you determine which one will be the best for you. Sometimes this involves a consultation visit, where a tree specialist will come out and inspect your yard and take a look at your trees. This is a great way to get a first-hand look at the situation, and it can help you make a good decision.

Why would I choose an arborist over a tree care service? Tree specialists have the experience and knowledge to identify problems that you might not know about. This is because they have a lot of tools at their disposal. An arborist has years of training and might even have had experience working on your property. If an arborist can’t fix the problem, then they know how to find the root cause, so you don’t end up losing the entire tree.