You might have a piece of land that has trees and other plants and you would like them removed. These service is referred to as lot clearing and it is common for empty pieces of land where construction is about to begin.

Need for Lot Clearing Services

Lot clearing services are necessary whenever you would like to make use of your piece of land for one reason or another. If you need to carry out some farm activities such as rearing animals, you need a clean lot that does not have any debris for this. You would also need these services if you plan on having construction on the piece of land.

This does not mean that you need to use the piece of land for you to clear it up. Perhaps you want the place to look neat and tidy and chase away any pests and wild animals that have found a home in your compound because of how cluttered and unkempt it is.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Lot clearing services are predominantly made up of two services: stump grinding and tree removal. The latter means that all trees in the lot should be removed. Whether a tree is healthy or not, it has to go. Since this means that there is probably more than one tree, you want to get professionals for this. They will be able to remove all the trees without causing any damage or injury. They can also remove trees faster than you would if you did it on your own.

Stump grinding services, on the other hand, deal with cutting the stump and removing the roots from the ground. This is quite involving and it will require some stump grinding to begin with. Stumps are ground using some power tools and the shavings can be used as mulch. The process also improves the appearance of your lot since stumps can be unsightly. They can also breed pests and fungi once they start to decay. Anyone who frequently visits the compound, including pets, will be exposed to these pathogens and bugs. Removing the stump is therefore a way to keep the pests and diseases at bay.

Professional Inspection

For construction services, you need to have an inspector clear you before the project kicks off. A large part of this approval is determined by the state of your compound which is in turn determined by the lot clearing services that you have employed. Tree removal and stump grinding is not just about making the ground level.


Lot clearing is especially important for those who are planning to begin construction. It helps to make your lot a suitable candidate for digging, excavating and erecting a building. If you have a certified arborist from a good arborist association to oversee the process, it increases the chances that the inspector will give you a go ahead. This is because a certified arborist is a specialist who knows exactly what is needed when it comes to plants and how this influences construction as well.